In Case You Missed It: Field Sales and Direct Booking features are available to all technicians!

In Case You Missed It: Field Sales and Direct Booking features are available to all technicians!

Vidya, Michael

HelloTech recently held multiple round table sessions to field questions about the field sales and direct booking features in a smaller group setting. This allowed technicians who had been unaware of these features the opportunity to ask for further clarification in order to help them better understand how and when to use these tools. We had a great time working with each of you who attended and we hope you feel more confident using these tools!

These sessions are intended to ensure all technicians are aware of the updates HelloTech is making to the platform. We want to make sure technicians feel empowered to create the best solutions for customers, and we believe these tools can help achieve this goal. For those who were unable to attend these meetings, don’t worry; we will continue to support any questions and concerns that you may have around these features.

Below, you can find links to the information shared with the techs who joined these meetings:

ICYMI: Product Sales Webinar (11/9/21)
In case you missed HelloTech’s exciting product sales webinar on November 9, you’re in luck - skim the recap or watch the full video now!
Easily access, share, and modify your unique booking page!
All technicians can now use their tech app to share their booking page via QR code, email, or SMS and find their tech ID. From their dashboard, techs can also modify their unique link to display a custom name.
Introducing Field Sales: Upsell opportunities on every order
Consult with customers to build custom smart home packages

As previously mentioned, we will continue to support anyone interested in knowing more about these features or answering any clarifying questions. Feel free to take a moment to share your thoughts or concerns with us at

Alternatively if you have suggestions about changes you’d like to see with HelloTech, visit We look forward to hearing from you!