Field Guide: Preparing for a Sale

Field Guide: Preparing for a Sale

Nicholas Macias
Nicholas Macias

Having the unique perspective of performing a service in a customers home allows you to see where a normal home can become a smart home. If you’d like to recommend additional products and services for your customers, here are a few pointers to consider:

As you approach the home:

  • Look around to see if they lack any outside security devices like an outdoor motion-activated camera. If they don’t have any, you can recommend adding Wi-Fi cameras, like the Ring Security Camera, to key areas for added security.
  • Check if the customer has a video doorbell. Doorbells are a great starter device for customers who are still learning about the smart-home world. If the customer doesn’t have one, you can mention having a video doorbell allows them to see who’s at their door without having to walk to it. It also records videos so they can take a look back at who previously visited their home.

Once you’re inside the home:

  • Check if the customer has a smart hub (Alexa, Google Home, etc). If they don’t, you can mention the addition perk of being able to see who is at your door by asking Alexa or Google!
  • Check if the customer has Mesh Network Router. If they don’t, you can explain the benefits of switching to one. Mesh network routers like Eero have the power to broadcast WiFi over most single-family homes with two nodes or small apartments with a single node.
  • Check if the customer has a home security system. If you don’t see any, you can mention there are opportunities to increase their home’s security by adding a Smart Alarm system. Companies like Ring offer a wide variety of sensors to cover most entry points and offer additional monitoring through a subscription.

Before you leave the home:

  • Remind the customer of the recommendation(s) you provided based on your observations.
  • Ask if they would like additional assistance creating the order or ordering the product. You can do this through the tech app with the customer!
  • Provide your Booking Page Link and let the customer know what days will work best so you can fulfill the new service when it is booked.
  • Inform the customer that your recommendations can be found on the HelloTech website along with additional services and our HelloTech Home Membership.

Providing recommendations and specific products to the customer can help many customers who are unsure of how new technology can better their lives. With your tech knowledge, you can empower the uninformed with information on products they may have been too afraid to try otherwise. This is a great way to create a repeat relationship with your customers.

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