New Product Bundle Jobs!

New Product Bundle Jobs!


HelloTech’s new product bundles bring a major platform improvement for technicians and customers!

With these new jobs, you will see services that would otherwise be separated combined into one service that gives you much a clearer understanding of the job scope and payout.

You can also make up to $240 on each of these jobs!

Since these jobs bundle both products ordered by the customer and services that will be done by the technician, you will see your payout based on the service provided, like any other job.

Example: A customer has ordered a television, soundbar and remote control on the HelloTech website. Your payout will be determined by the tv mounting, soundbar installation and remote control programming service you provide.

The new product bundles allow customers to have a streamlined, easier checkout experience while giving technicians well-defined and high-paying job offers.

You will need the Smart Home and TV Mounting skills to be able to do all of these jobs, so be sure to add those skills to your profile!

Here are the helpful guides for the four types of bundles you can expect to perform services on:

  1. Nest Hello + Installation - Doorbell Installation
  2. Nest Doorbell & Thermostat (aka Smart Set) with Installation - Doorbell & Thermostat Installation
  3. Nest Smart Home Starter Bundle - Doorbell, Thermostat, Nest & Smoke Detector Installation
  4. Home Theater Starter Bundle - TV Mounting, Soundbar Installation & Remote Control Programming

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