MDU Is looking for more Techs!

Nicholas Macias
Nicholas Macias

What is MDU?

MDU stands for “Multi Dwelling Units”. MDU is a branch of the Partner Success team which primarily focuses on partner service requests. This type of work consists of smart device installations across apartment homes. We install smart devices like hubs, locks, thermostats and others requested by our MDU partners. It is essentially smart device installations but at a much larger scale. Unlike our “direct to consumer” business where we usually install a device per home visit, these installations are done across many homes and usually entail multi-week project-based work.

Can you work on MDU?

We are looking for techs who are flexible, responsible and committed to making sure that the work they provide is delivered successfully while maintaining top quality installations.

What do I need in order to begin taking MDU work?

Show us that you are interested!

  1. Show us that you understand what our guidelines are.
  2. Complete onboarding with our MDU team.
  3. Show us that you understand the technical device installation side of things.
  4. Take a single unit install and complete the installation successfully.
  5. Shadow a project team lead to become acquainted with the project based work.
  6. *Optional: Build your team and take on your first project.

*When you feel confident to start taking on your own projects, then assembling your own team of trusted techs is the next step. Please note that any of your team members will need to be onboarded to the platform the same as you have in order to be part of these projects.

How do payments work for project based work?

  • Payments are broken down by the number of units you complete through a project. For example, if a project requires installation of 100 units, and we complete 98 of those 100, then your payout will be based on the 98 completed units.
  • Payments will vary depending on the unit count, device type, and number of devices per unit being installed.
  • The more successful you are at completing this kind of work, the more projects you will receive.

Do I need a team?

Although we are looking for teams and team leads who can help us with this type of work, you do not need a team to get started. We will help get you started by answering any questions you may have and providing resources and material to get you up to speed.

Do I need to get licenses or have special certifications?

You do not need to have a special license or certification. However, we are looking for electricians and HVAC-licensed contractors, so if you do have a license, there is potential for additional work. Furthermore, If you or anyone you know is licensed and is able to carry out electrical work in the state you live in, we would be happy to open this opportunity to them as well.

We are very excited to see where this new era of HelloTech takes us. There is a lot of potential and opportunity for you with this new initiative. We hope that you are as excited about this as we are, and we welcome you to be part of this. Please email your interest in this program with your Full Name and Tech ID to