We're Listening

We're Listening

Michael, Addison, Patrick

About a month ago, we sent our Tech Community a survey to ask what you liked and what you’d like us to change. Why did we do this? Simple: We care.

A lot of feedback showed us we are headed in the right direction, and many techs are pleased with their experience. But truthfully, we were awakened to new opportunities where we could make changes, based on the suggestions and constructive critiques you gave us.

Before we get into specifics, we want to thank you for letting us know your experience with previous surveys we sent you. We got a lot of responses telling us Techs feel we acted well on your suggestions. Other responses showed us we have room for improvement. We want you to know that EVERY survey response is incorporated for future planning.

We were thrilled to see so many of you liked the app’s general functionality, your interactions with Technician Support and how often you receive your payouts. The Community Team did a round of high-fives on this (virtually, of course).

Here’s where we’re currently working to improve things:

  • Making job offers more readily available.

The survey told us this was the biggest issue many of you were concerned about.

  • Improving order information.

We’re working with several different HelloTech Teams on this.

  • Increasing ways for Techs to engage with HelloTech and each other.

We’re using this blog as a base to begin a much larger Community engagement ecosystem.

  • Simplifying the payouts reporting process.

Your payouts by date and amount in the Tech App and Dashboard will be a lot easier to read.

We can’t promise all of these changes will be made tomorrow, but you have our word that we’re working to bring these improvements to you as quickly and as accurately as we can.

HelloTech is a special company, in that we’re privileged to have the best independent contractors on our platform. No one else can boast a better group. Your Community Team loves hearing what you like about HelloTech, and we’re just as open to feedback on how we can improve.