Tech Roundtables Up and Running!

Tech Roundtables Up and Running!


You've received surveys and emails asking for your opinion and feedback, but you've told us you want more ways to engage with the Community Team.

Introducing Tech Roundtables!

These new, one-hour virtual Zoom meetings enable you to spill the tea directly with the HelloTech Community Team (letting us know what you like and also what we can improve upon) and engage with other Techs in your area as well.

So how do the Tech Roundtables work?

  • Every two weeks, a group of techs will receive an email inviting them to attend a Roundtable session based on markets chosen by the Community Team.
  • Every tech who confirms attendance will be sent a Zoom link to their session.
  • Attending techs will also be sent a form after the Roundtable session if they want to provide more feedback.
  • After each Roundtable, the Community Team will share insights and feedback to relevant Teams at HelloTech so that we can work on improvements you'd like us to make.

What's expected of you?

  • Be prompt. Starting each session on time enables us to gain the most feedback.
  • Be respectful. Using appropriate language is expected by all participants. Anyone not adhering to basic courtesy and appropriateness may be excluded from any future Roundtables.
  • Wear appropriate attire. We're not expecting suit jackets and ballgowns, just wear clothes you feel comfortable in that appropriately cover the body and do not contain offensive imagery or wording.

Contact your Community Team at if you have any questions.

Look out for your invitation to the Tech Roundtable!