Update your profile to access additional opportunities!

Update your profile to access additional opportunities!


Do you speak any additional languages or have sales experience? Are you part of a crew, hold special licensing, or have advanced insurance? If you said yes to any of those questions, head to your profile to update your information and become eligible to receive special offers and jobs!

You now can enter the following information in your tech profile:

  • Your bio - Take a moment to review your bio and make any updates if necessary. Think about what you would want a customer to know about you and why you’re the best fit for the job!
  • Job radius - This is also a good opportunity to review your set radius. Expanding your radius is the easiest way to get additional jobs.
  • Languages you speak - You can select any number of languages from a dropdown menu. Providing this information can help better service customers who specifically request multilingual techs.
  • Shirt size - This is self-explanatory. If you haven’t received a shirt, please reach out to community@hellotech.com.
  • Company or crew information - If you select “no” to the question “Are you part of a company or crew,” no other questions are required. If you select “yes,” you’ll have the opportunity to enter your company name, URL, size, and your role in the business.
  • Insurance - If you select “yes” to the previous category, you’ll also be prompted to enter whether you have professional / general liability insurance and/or a construction bond and upload proof. (Note that providing the requisite documentation is required for certain jobs, but you can enter “yes” for any question and return to enter this information later.)
  • Sales experience -  If you have retail or corporate sales experience, make sure to upload your resume. You’ll be eligible for special programs within HelloTech.
  • Licenses and certifications - Lastly, if you have any active licenses, you can enter them all here. This will allow us to contact you when select partners approach HelloTech for exciting opportunities.

Note: Prior to visiting this page, we recommend having your licensing and insurance insurance on hand so you can easily complete your profile in one setting. Most questions are fairly straightforward and can be answered in a single session, but any file uploads can be deferred if the information is not readily available.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Community Team at community@hellotech.com. We look forward to helping you grow your business on the HelloTech platform!