New App UPDATES for Suspending and Declining Offers
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New App UPDATES for Suspending and Declining Offers

Michael, Patrick

We’re thrilled to announce 2 updates to the Suspending Offers feature and Declining Offers feature that give you greater control over how you interact with the app and help us get you more jobs!

Suspending Offers

Have you ever forgotten to re-enable offers after going on vacation or taking a break from jobs (and missing out on payouts)? We listened and improved this feature!

You will soon be able to set a suspension expiration date to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities when you’re ready to come back online!

Declining Offers

Have you wanted to let us know in real time why you preferred not to accept a job we offered?

Now you can tell us in a dropdown menu why you chose to decline an offer whether...

  • the job was too far away.
  • the payout was inadequate.
  • you had a scheduling conflict.
  • the scope of work unclear.
  • [open-ended so you can enter a different reason].

We’re glad to bring these updates to you, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions or feedback you may have on these or any other features! Just contact your Community Team at