Holiday Light Hanging Services are Now Available!

Holiday Light Hanging Services are Now Available!

Nicholas Macias
Nicholas Macias

Hello Technicians! As our customers are getting ready for the busy holiday season we want to be able to lend a hand and free up some of their time. Customers will now be able to book a service request for “Holiday Light Hanging and Removing” starting this past Wednesday, November 2nd.

The base SKU offers the customer up to 50ft of lights to be hung or removed. An additional 10ft length can be requested but will be an additional cost. We have also set a height limit of 12ft for the safety of all technicians. The customer will also have the option to use the service request to install up to two inflatable holiday decorations. Customers will still be able to add light length if they would like both to be installed in one visit.

As a technician, you will need to have the Lightbulb Changing skill or the Wall Hanging skill to be able to receive these jobs. Keep an eye out for these service requests as they may be in your area soon!

Here are a couple of items we think are important to know before you start this job:

What is Included?

✔️Careful installation or removal of string/rope lighting around the exterior of your home

✔️ Up to 50ft included, with additional length available if needed

✔️ Wood surfaces and gutters are the easiest for us to install on

✔️ The tech will bring all the necessary tools to perform the installation

✔️ Any inflatable decoration up to 6ft tall or 6ft wide is supported

✔️ Height limit is 12ft


❌ Metal, tile, stucco, and other dense surfaces are not supported

❌ Hanging/removal request above 12ft

❌ Mounting hooks, clips, or brackets (client will provide)

❌ Extension cable for the decorations (client will provide)

❌ Installation of lights or inflatable decorations on the roof